This June 2021 we will be 47 yrs old. We have staff members that have been with us for many years, many belonging to the same family that started with us. For the child to grow they need the school, the parent and the child to work together to produce a confident, responsible and well adjusted child.

We take children from the age of 4 months to 5 years old. Each age group has their own teacher and teacher’s assistant.

We also have children of parents who did their pre-school with us. Our fees are very competitive and we do not have hidden costs. The school works on an 12 month fee structure. We do not close over the school holidays and there is no extra charge for holiday care.

We are registered with the Dept. of Social Development and comply with all the specifications for numbers of children, space in classrooms, toilet facilities, health and safety rules, playground specifications, programmes and staff recommendations.

We follow an excellent ECD programme. Our teachers are all qualified and each has an assistant. The ratio of teacher to child is excellent and so we are able to monitor each child individually.

We have parent activities throughout the year. We want parental involvement to ensure that the child grows knowing that the bond between the child, the parent and the school make for a responsible, well adjusted and happy little person.

Our aim at Jean’s Playglen is to give the children Tender loving care, the opportunity to receive the necessary stimulation for social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. We also ensure the health and safety of all our children and grow them into responsible, caring, well- adjusted little people.

We have Ballet, Gymnastics, Playball, swimming, Build-em-brix, Pottery and Dance Motion, Hip-Hop as extra-murals. The instructors are all qualified in their field and come to the school for the activities.

We have workshops every term that are promoted by a company called “Educate and Fascinate” These workshops follow specific themes and it is very interactive with the children dressing up, singing new songs and learning so much thro’ the music, activity and play.

Our children are encouraged to wear old clothes so that it does not matter if their clothes get dirty or full of paint. Children need to “Mess” We do have tracksuit tops and T/shirts with our Logo of a child climbing a ladder on the front. These shirts are in group colours and need to be worn on special event days such as school sports, workshops, outings, grandparent’s day etc.

All meals are supplied by the school, plus all stationery work books. Our Menu was compiled for us by a dietician and sent to the Health board in Pretoria to have it approved.